Mark your calendars: January 25th is The Day.

For those lovers of decadent, stick-to-your-ribs goodness, who wait spring, summer, and fall for Cassoulet de Toulouse to return, Winter is here.

For the uninitiated: imagine a rustic ceramic bowl, cradling layers of tarbais beans, bacon lardons, and Toulouse-style garlic sausage. Top it with braised lamb shoulder and tomato stew.  Scatter duck fat breadcrumbs over the whole thing; Craig LaBan’s “favorite flourish.”  Finally, stack on top a duck leg confit, cured overnight and slowly stewed for hours.

That’s Cassoulet the Bistrot La Minette way and it’s here until it’s not.

“The comfort meal to end all comfort meals.”*  This is not haute cuisine.  This is rustic, in your face, French peasant food at its best.

Available for a limited time, beginning January 25.  Click here to make a reservation and see what the fuss is about – before it’s gone.