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August 2018 at Bistrot La Minette

Summertime at Bistrot

Summertime is here, and that means a bevy of delicious summer fruits and vegetables, and a return to some of Bistrot La Minette’s favorite recipes.  Provençal ratatouille, with eggplant and roasted tomatoes, is the base of our delicious lamb shank.  Our roasted octopus comes with piperade, a traditional Basque dish of summer pepper and onions with some Saucisson and Espelette to spice things up.  Don’t forget about tomatoes!  Beautiful heirloom tomatoes from NY, and delicious yellow beefsteaks from NJ are on our tomato salad and in our new salmon tartare.  Peaches are in full swing, and a parfait of peaches and almond cake is the perfect way to end out a meal.  Stop by and let us show you some of summers bounties.