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October 2019 at Bistrot La Minette

Mont D’or Month at Bistrot

Mont D’or Month at Bistrot La Minette 

Several years ago, Chef Kenneth BUSH and I went on a tasting trip to France. Ahead of the bulk of the trip, which was to be spent hopping from bistrot to bistrot in Lyon (our job can be tough sometimes), we ate at the home of my sister-in-law Delphine to have a family dinner à la Française. A good portion of my in-laws showed up, as they always like a good party, and what better reason then the appearance of a couple of Americans? Chef BUSH got a real treat that night. They made a massive wheel of Mont d’Or, a prized delicacy of Jura (their family’s home region), with all of the accoutrements. They don’t do much to it, simply scoop a bit out of the center of the wheel of cheese and pour white wine in the cavity. Then they bake the cheese in its balsa wood container until in is golden, molten and creamy. Spoonfuls of this ambrosia are then heaped onto boiled potatoes and sausage. Chef Grant LLOYD (Chef BUSH is opening Café Gabi) is accompanying the centerpiece with a salad and dessert of the Jura region making it truly a meal not to miss.

—Chef Peter WOOLSEY

For the entire month of November this rare delicacy will be served. Parties of four should pre-book the meal through a reservation. The 4-person meal is $160. Please be sure to mention the Mont D’or dinner specifically to the host or in the notes section of Open Table when making your reservation. We will also have a special selection of Jurassienne wines available by the bottle to pair with the meal, as well as dessert wine by the glass. Supplies are limited, so make sure you specify that you want the Mont D’or dinner.

The Menu Mont d’Or is recommended for four guests, based on the size of the wheel of cheese, but can also be shared among three for especially generous portions or five for more petite appetites.


Salade Jurassienne

Frisée, escarole, red leaf lettuce, walnuts, cured French ham, Comté cheese and Jurassienne-style vinaigrette


Fondue de Mont d’Or

A whole wheel of Mont d’Or (a creamy, bloomy-rind cheese), baked in its
wood container and infused with a bit of white wine, served warm with Saucisse Morteau, a traditional juniper-smoked sausage, plus potatoes and mushrooms



Gateau Arboisien

Almond, hazelnut and cocoa cake with vanilla ice cream