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January 2019 at Bistrot La Minette

March is Tartiflette Month!

March is Tartiflette Month at Bistrot la Minette.


Tartiflette is a traditional “gratin” of potato, bacon, and slow cooked onions, cooked all together with a little Vin de Savoie, crème fraîche, and a whole wheel of creamy Reblochon Cheese. Like fondue or Raclette, this dish is a favorite at French family gatherings and parties.


Our Tartiflette Dinner is a celebration of this cheese-centric Savoie speciality, paired with traditional courses from that region. As an all-inclusive meal, served Savoy-family style, the dinner is to be enjoyed by four people, and includes a bottle of Savoie wine. As is the tradition, the first glass of wine goes to the kitchen, to use in the Tartiflette. The dinner is $160, including the first bottle of wine. Additional bottles of Vin de Savoie, white and red, are available. The Dinner runs from Thursday March 1st until Sunday March 31st, and is by pre-order reservation only, as quantities of these dishes will be limited. Be sure to indicate that would like to have the Tartiflette dinner, either in the notes of your reservation via Open Table, or by telling our management staff when you make the reservation in person or via phone.


Domaine Charles Gonnet, Chignin, Jacquere, Vin de Savoie

(with 1 glass used by the Chef to make the Tartiflette)


Soupe Savoyarde

Root vegetable soup, crème fraîche, Comte cheese crouton


Salade Sayoyarde

Bibb lettuce, fresh mushrooms, pine nuts, croutons, diced ham, Comte Cheese, Dijon vinagrette



Potatoes, Bacon and Onions baked with Reblochon Cheese and Vin de Savoie


Tarte aux Fruits des Bois

Mixed Berry Tart