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December 2018 at Bistrot La Minette

Languedoc Dinner 4/24 – 4/25


April 24th and April 25th

$35; with wine pairings, $50


My family and I take three weeks every summer to go to France and visit my wife’s family. My wife and I have gotten into the habit of ditching the in-laws and taking a little mini-0vacation with just our kids to different parts of France. While we have spent time in Brittany and Lyon, we seem to gravitate to the southern-most region of France, the Languedoc. The weather is dry and sunny with fantastic beaches and old seaside villages. The food has influences of Spanish and Catalan cuisines. We’ve put together a menu of some classic regional dishes to enjoy as our weather gets sunnier and warmer. $35; with wine pairings, $50

—Chef/Proprietor Peter WOOLSEY


Pâté au Genièvre

Juniper-scented pork paté, Dijon mustard, cornichons

Domaine de Cabrials Chardonnay, Languedoc


Brandade de Nîmes

Crispy cod and potato cake, mesclun lettuces, green olives

Paul Mas Estate Picpoul de Pinet Picpoul, Languedoc


Poulet à la Catalane

White wine-braised chicken, garlic, bacon, lemon, onion, rice pilaf

Fortant “Coast Select” Cabernet Sauvignon, Langued0c


Gâteau Roulé

Almond jaconde cake, pastry cream, orange rum syrup

Domaine La Tour Vielle Banyuls Roussillon