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June 2018 at Bistrot La Minette

June in The South of France

Dinner in the South of France

Wednesday, June 20 and Thursday, June 21

In May of 2000 I landed in the South of France, Nice specifically, to study the French language, of which I knew very little. I stayed in Provence for four months that summer before I moved to Paris to study pastry. I spent my mornings learn- ing French (or not learning, depending on how late I stayed out the night before). A poor student, I fast became an expert of pan bagnat and socca, both cheap eats found anywhere in Nice. The few times I could afford to eat out, I ate daube Provençal or gorged on fresh seafood and Muscadet. Chef Kenneth BUSH has put together a menu of classics southern French cuisine to pair with wine and warm weather. Come and join us.

Four courses, $45, with wine pairings, $60

Escargot à l’Aixoise

Escargot, bone marrow, anchovies, garlic, fennel seeds, nutmeg

Fortant “Coast Select”    Chardonnay, Languedoc

Salade Niçoise

Oil-poached tuna, anchovies, potatoes, hard cooked egg, red peppers, tomatoes, olives, haricots verts, mesclun lettuces

Château Pas Du Cerf, Côtes de Provence   Rolle/Semillon, Provence

Daube d’Agneau à la Provençale

Red wine-braised lamb, olives, orange, carrots, tomatoes, roasted potatoes

Domaine Petroni, Vin de Corse Rouge   Nielluciu/Syrah/Grenache, Corsica


Baked cherry custard/cake, lemon crème fraîche ice cream

Domaine de Martinolles, Blanquette de Limoux Ancestrale “Vergnes”   Mauzac, Languedoc