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September 2019 at Bistrot La Minette

Center City District Rest. Week

Bistrot La Minette will once again be participating in Center City District Restaurant Week, which runs from Sunday, Sept. 15th through Friday, Sept. 27th.

Bistrot La Minette will be closed for Brunch during CCDRW, Sunday Sept. 15th, Saturday Sept. 21st, and Sunday Sept. 22nd.

As always, we will be serving a lightly pared down version of our menu.  Do not be alarmed Bistrot fans, all of the favorites,  Escargot, Truite Meuniere, Lapin a la Moutarde, and Foie Gras are on still on the menu. And the best part is that for only $35 per person, you get a great 3-course meal.  Click the link below to check out our full restaurant week menu, and the Center City District Restaurant Week webpage.