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February 2018 at Bistrot La Minette

Celebrating Bocuse Feb 21th-25th

We at the Bistrot are mourning the loss of the great chef Paul BOCUSE. He was the central character in the group of chefs that were a part of the Nouvelle Cuisine revolution in the 60’s. These chefs truly changed the basic nature to how restaurants relate to food and service. One of the crazy ideas that made it out of this movement was the idea that the food could be plated artistically in the kitchen. Another of their ideas is that chefs could be creative and invent their own dishes. In 2001, I worked for one of this group of visionaries, Alain SENDERENS. His crazy idea? He decided that a glass of wine and a dish could be paired for the maximum effect. That’s right. I worked for the guy that invented wine pairing. The restaurant industry was transformed by the Nouvelle Cuisine movement.

We would like to pay homage to Paul Bocuse by offering our version of two of his famous dishes. They will be available from February 21st through the 25th.

These specials should be requested when making your reservation to ensure that you can enjoy them, as quantities of these dishes will be limited. Be sure to indicate which dishes you would like to have, either in the “add a special request” note section of your reservation via Open Table, or by telling our management staff when you make the reservation in person or via phone.


Our version of:

Soupe aux Truffes Noires VGE  22

Black truffle soup, foie gras, puff pastry

–This dish is a rich roasted chicken stock that is then fortified with 2 ounces of foie gras and 2 grams of black Perigord truffles. The truffles and foie gras are added to the soup along with vegetables and chicken, and then topped with a crown of puff pastry.

Our interpretation of:

Poularde truffée en Vessie  39

Chicken steamed in Madeira broth, black truffles, morel creme sauce, baby vegetables, rice pilaf

–This dish was originally steamed in a sealed pigs bladder, which became the inspiration for “Sous Vide” cooking. We layer our chicken with 3 grams of black Perigord truffles, and steam the chicken “sous vide” with Madeira and veal stock. The chicken is perfectly cooked, juicy, and imbued with the luxurious aroma of truffles. We serve this with traditional accompaniments of morel mushroom and crème fraîche sauce, rice, and beautiful baby vegetables.