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Honestly, this is one of the coolest events/menus we have done since we opened in 2008. There are many communal cheese dishes from France, fondue being perhaps the best known in the states. TARTIFLETTE – in France just as well-known as fondue – is often served at festive events, even if the event is simply to get together to eat tartiflette. Due to the nature of the dish, the cheese and execution, we can only do this for parties of two or four people.
Tartiflette is a traditional gratin of potato, bacon and slow cooked onions, cooked all together with a little Vin de Savoie, crème fraîche, and a whole wheel of creamy Reblochon cheese. Like fondu or Raclette, this dish is a favorite at French family gatherings and parties.
Our Tartiflette Dinner is a celebration of this cheese-centric Savoie speciality, paired with traditional courses from that region. This meal is served family style, and is meant to be enjoyed by two or four people. As is tradition, a glass of white Vin de Savoie is used to make the tartiflette, so guests are highly encouraged to enjoy this meal with a glass or a bottle since it will be the perfect pairing.
$140 for 4 People, $75 for 2 People
Denis & Didier Bertholier Vignerons Chignin, Vielles Vignes 2018
Savoie wine by the bottle for $47
First Course
Soupe Savoyarde
Root vegetable soup, crème fraîche, Comté cheese crouton
Second Course
Salade Savoyarde
Bibb lettuce, fresh mushrooms, pine nuts, croutons, diced ham, Comté cheese, Dijon vinaigrette
Third Course
Potatoes, bacon and onions baked with Reblochon cheese and Vin de Savoie
Tarte aux Fruits des Bois
Mixed berry tart
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Normandy is the entire reason why most of the western world associates French cooking with butter and cream. It is no accident. They are the largest producers of cattle and dairy in all of France. Camembert, the most popular cheese in France, hails from the region, as do calvados and cider from their apple production. The beaches are known for the D-Day attack but in Paris are better known for Deauville and Trouville, the Parisian version of the Hamptons. It is in Honfleur, a tiny seaside town, where I first tasted the oeuf du pêcheur that so many of you have enjoyed over the years at the Bistrot.  Chef Grant LLOYD is building a fantastic menu that will flaunt the flavors of the seafood, dairy, cider and spirits upon your palate.  Every course will be paired with a Norman cider or calvados cocktail chosen by General Manager, Edward DATTILO.  Join us Wednesday and Thursday, February 19th & 20th.

—Chef/Proprietor Peter WOOLSEY

1st Course: 

Soupe Normande de Poisson

Spicy fish soup, crème fraîche, garlic croutons, parsley

House made Crème de Normand

Calvados crème aperitif. Conceptualized and executed by Josh POWANDA


2nd Course: 

Poulet au Pot à la Normande

Normandy style poached chicken breast, quatre épices cream sauce, chestnuts, mushrooms, pearl onions, carrots, rice pilaf

Etienne Dupont Cidre Bouché Brut de Normandie – Dark gold flagship cider of Domaine Dupont, arguably France’s finest makers of cider, funky apple coupled with an earthy, funky complexity and medium tannins.  (Bring on the funk)


3rd Course:

Assiette Fromàger de Normandie

Pont l’Evêque * and Brillat Savarin** cheeses, salad, crustini, spiced pecans, apple butter

Purple Skies over Normandy

Calvados sour, Malbec float, star anise and clove.  Conceptualized and executed by Chris MORAN


4th Course:

Mirlitons de Rouen

Puff pastry, vanilla and almond custard, caramel sauce

Christian Drouin Pommeau du Normandie

Norman Cider fortified with Calvados – delicious and hard to find



*Pont l’Evêque is unpressed cow’s-milk cheese. Soft, creamy with a smooth texture. Washed rind. One of the most popular cheeses in France

** Brillat Savarin is soft-ripened triple cream cow’s milk cheese. Has a bloomy white rind.


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Mark your calendars: January 25th is The Day.

For those lovers of decadent, stick-to-your-ribs goodness, who wait spring, summer, and fall for Cassoulet de Toulouse to return, Winter is here.

For the uninitiated: imagine a rustic ceramic bowl, cradling layers of tarbais beans, bacon lardons, and Toulouse-style garlic sausage. Top it with braised lamb shoulder and tomato stew.  Scatter duck fat breadcrumbs over the whole thing; Craig LaBan’s “favorite flourish.”  Finally, stack on top a duck leg confit, cured overnight and slowly stewed for hours.

That’s Cassoulet the Bistrot La Minette way and it’s here until it’s not.

“The comfort meal to end all comfort meals.”*  This is not haute cuisine.  This is rustic, in your face, French peasant food at its best.

Available for a limited time, beginning January 25.  Click here to make a reservation and see what the fuss is about – before it’s gone.



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Restaurant Week is again upon us.  As always we will be offering 3 courses of authentic Bistrot La Minette food, $35.  All your Bistrot favorites are here: escargot, œuf de pêcheur, duck confit, and on.   Join us for Center City District RESTAURANT WEEK, January 12th to the 24th.  (Yes we know that is two weeks.  But, they say ‘Week.’  All the things say ‘Week.’  So, we say ‘Week.’  C’est la vie).  2 weeks, three courses, $35.

$35 for a true Bristrot La Minette experience, not bad, not bad at all.

Demand is high and we are no longer accepting parties larger than 4.  Reservations for this event are being accepted exclusively online.  Follow the link HERE.

Due to our participation in Restaurant Week, Bistrot La Minette will not be open for brunch on the following dates:  Sunday, January 12th; Saturday, January 18th; Sunday, January 19th; and Saturday, January 25th.

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